Cut and Clean Underground Sewer Warranty

Many companies will use “scare tactics” to convince their customers into replacing their entire underground sewer, when in fact, many underground sewers don’t need to be replaced. What they need is proper cleaning and maintenance. This is done from a full-size cleanout, either in the basement or outside. The cleanout would be either 4″ or 6″, in most cases.

Now the underground sewer cleaning begins!

We go through first with an expandable root cutter on a 7/8″ cable, up to 150 feet. The cutters spring out to cut all around the underground pipe, ensuring a good “haircut“. The sewer drain is flushed out with 4,000Psi of water with our jetting machine after cable snaking the drain. This cleans the walls of the underground pipe and pushes all debris left from cable snaking into the city main.

Sewer is Flushed out, Let’s scope it with the sewer camera!

After the high-pressure water scrub, we use a camera to get a video feed on the sewer as it goes through. If we (and you) see a problem spot, We’ll note its condition and get its depth and location.  After the camera inspection is done, we will write all details seen onto the invoice. Should any serious problems in the underground pipe be found, a detailed estimate to do any further work will be written before we leave. The estimate lasts for the duration of the warranty.

Underground sewer warranty?

Yes, after all the above work is done, we warranty it for 2 years!

Ask our technicians for details!